Companies House Documents

We have a fully automated, live XML link providing instant and live access to all the documents filed since 1995, as and when it happens to keep you in touch with whats going on.

The image categories available instantly on-line are:

Annual Accounts
Annual Returns
Change in Director or Secretary
Change in Registered Office Address
New Incorporations
Change of Name
Miscellaneous (all other forms)

Images can be used for:

  • Reviewing raw accounting data
  • Know Your Customer, by confirmation of basic company details
  • Authentication of signatures
  • Court hearings, mergers, acquisitions and investigative practices

There may be occasions when you need to see the actual image, rather than just the data. For example, if you have a signature from someone claiming to be a director of a company you can retrieve the relevant image and compare signatures. Using one of our corporate reports or directors report you can see appointment date of the director and this will correspond with a date supplied with the relevant 288 form.

Ease of use - using our service to retrieve information means that you can access images and credit reports without the need to change service.