Money Laundering Regulations 2003

Company Verification Report

All of the information in the "Company Verification Report" is taken from our most in-depth report, the "Credit Report". This report concentrates on the identity and legal status of the company, including all legal and detrimental information such County Court Judgments and Legal London Gazette.

The report satisfies the FSA requirements for Money Laundering purposes in that it confirms the legal identity of the company together with director and shareholder details.

The following gives a summary of each section in the report.

Company Identification
Provides information on company ownership and group subsidiaries.

  • Background information on the target company, including official Registered Office address details, enables quick and accurate identification
  • Trading address, phone and fax number
  • Presence and display of previous company names provides better insight into the history of the company you are looking at and can reduce risk from bad debt/fraud
  • Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes can be useful for marketing and sourcing new business.

Company Capitalisation
Offers a summary of the issued capital, and how that is distributed amongst the shareholders.

  • Issue share breakdown illustrates how much capital has been put into the business. This is the limit to which the shareholders are liable should anything go wrong with the company, so it will give an insight into the faith the shareholders have in the business. This could be vital if you are deciding to work with, or trade with such an organisation.
  • Share ownership breakdown shows you exactly who is behind the company. This could be one individual, a number of individuals, other companies or even a combination of individuals and companies.

Charges/Debentures/Mortgages Registered
This section will show the debt that the company may hold.

Gazette & Detrimental

Contains gazette information such as High Court Writs (claim forms), Winding Up Petitions, Meetings of Creditors, Receiverships, Administration Orders and Liquidations. This gives the ability to quickly assess the legal status of the company, the likelihood of failure, or those who are in difficulty. Also indicates efficiency of the company in settling supplier disputes.

County Court Judgments

Continuing on from Gazette & Detrimental, this section gives an indication of whether the company has any judgments registered against it for non-payment.

Report of Company Officers

This allows individual assessment, looking more directly at the people who manage and run the company. Using this information will allow you to take a look in greater depth at the past track record of the company officers of the company. Past performance is a powerful indicator to future activity, and if you are going to invest money, time and effort working with (or for) any company then this information may well play a vital role in your decision.

  • Director/Company Officers' full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Date appointed
  • Position in company
  • Indication of any other directorships